Student for Life gets published

By Melissa Solano

There’s been a new publication floating around Franciscan University of Steubenville’s campus that has been catching students’ eyes. Students can see it for themselves if they pass through the J.C. Williams Center. The Students for Life have recently published their first publication as a full-colored magazine.

“Last year when we were putting together our budget, Students for Life leaders were considering new and creative ways to reach the student population,” said Grace Daigler, the Vice-President of Students for Life and current editor for the magazine. “We needed something new, eye-catching and ideally full-color, so that students would be intrigued to take a look,”

She said the club felt that the reason many students did not attend pro-life events or on campus talks sponsored by the club was because they felt that they already knew all they needed to know about the pro-life movement.

“It has been my experience that many students on campus are not as aware and active as they could be in the pro-life movement,” said Daigler. “This is not just the job of a campus club, everyone in the Church needs to be putting their all into this fight, particularly when we are at such a tipping point. We are enacting more pro-life legislation than ever before, we are closing clinics, and public opinion across the nation is changing on this issue. 2011 was dubbed the ‘beginning of the end of abortion.’ If Franciscan is not a huge part of turning this tide, that is a failure on my own part as a leader. We want students as informed, inspired and involved as possible in this fight.”

In wanting to keep students well informed this magazine will certainly serve as an intriguing and eye catchingly informative tool to get the job done. Though the magazine issues are not large in size, the club promised that the quality of the content is informative.

“Students should be able to find important news about what is going on in the pro-life world as well as content that has practical application for them. For example, the upcoming issue focuses a lot on responses to the election,” said Daigler.

The professional looking publication is set to be published as a quarterly, depending on its funding.

“My wish is that students be inspired by the reactions of pro-life leaders and will get more involved,” said Daigler. “There are so many reasons for hope. Don’t look back and wish you had done more.”

The current issue includes articles ranging from information about the closing of a local abortion clinic to national pro-life events. There are also many pictures of club members participating in various activities. The club lists an email address as well that the club can be reached at, and they encourage new membership as well as articles from guest writers on campus. The club can be reached at

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