Spring Formal a greater success than previous years


Franciscan University’s Spring Formal was held at the Omni William Penn Hotel on Friday, April 27.

The event was sponsored by Exc!te. The Omni William Penn has served Pittsburgh since 1916.

Since this year’s theme was “Masquerade,” several students wore decorative masks to the event. The dance floor was completely full, and the event ran from 9:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m.

The Omni William Penn Hotel was a beautiful location to host the event, with architecture that mixed both modern and classically elegant. There were several rooms where students could relax and sit down for a drink of punch, water, or alcohol for those who are of age. One fun addition to the event was a room where students could dress up and take free pictures in a photo booth to commemorate Spring Formal 2012.

There was no Winter Formal this school year, so many of the freshmen were glad to have Spring Formal to attend during their first year at Franciscan.

“I was disappointed that there was no Winter Formal this year, but actually I felt that the wait for Spring Formal made it even better for me,” said freshman Hannah Allman. “It was also very nice weather, which made everything much more enjoyable for me.”

It was very evident that the turnout for the dance reflected this mentality, as many freshmen were in attendance to enjoy the only formal dance in their first year of college. On the other hand, sophomores Maureen Mead and Emily Moschetto compared their experiences at last year’s formal with Spring Formal 2012.

“I definitely think that this year’s formal was better than last year,” said Moschetto. “There were more people, and the venue was much nicer this year. The only thing that I was disappointed about was that they ran out of desserts so quickly,”

“What I really liked was that it was a themed dance because I think that makes them much more fun,” said Mead. “The hotel was a better location and easier to find, and I thought the photo booth was a great idea.”

Girls wore both long and short dresses, while most guys sported suit coats and ties. Altogether, the night was full of pictures, dancing, and loads of fun for all the students.

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