Sports column: Teamwork powers and inspires

Sports Editor

After returning from spending spring break with my mission team ministering to the people in Honduras, I realized how thankful I am for all the teams I’ve been able to be a part of.

The sheer concept of thrusting 18 college students who have known each other for only a short amount of time into the mountains of Honduras in hopes that something productive will happen may seem preposterous.

However, because we were all 100 percent on board with the goal of ministering to the people in whatever way we could, it worked and we were able to do great things in a short time.

In my life I have been blessed to be a part of many different kinds of teams, and every situation has led to new lessons learned and new friendships formed.

There is something especially powerful about uniting on a sports team with your fellow athletes.

The start of a team can look like random people from all different pasts coming together to work toward one goal. But that focus on the one goal can really unite you and draw you together. The camaraderie that is built is phenomenal and can be an incredible growing experience.

I have found through running cross country, observing other teams and playing intramurals that Franciscan does an excellent job of calling teams on to build relationships and succeed in the sports they set out to compete in.

At Franciscan having the common focus on doing all things for the glory of God is also beneficial in giving a strong base for any team to build from and continue to grow in pursuit of doing God’s will.

Teamwork has also taught me many lessons that I am able to employ in my daily life and will continue to rely on for the rest of my life. Understanding good communication and learning to go outside your comfort zone for the good of the team are simply two of the many.

I thank all the teammates I have ever had the privilege of working alongside for the lessons and love you have given to me.

I hope that whatever team situation you are next put in you are able to give all your best and come away a little stronger and ready to share your love with others.  

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