Sports Column: Inspired by the Red Sox


This is clearly the hardest part of the school year. We are back from spring break and everyone on campus has hit the wall. School work is a little more mundane, work seems a few hours longer, and sleep comes by a little harder. We have Easter break to look forward to, and summer is right around the corner. In times like these, I like to use the 2004 Red Sox as inspiration to get through the semester.

The ’04 Sox went into the American League Championship Series against their arch-rival, the Yankees. The Sox had not won the championship since 1918. Fans had given up on the team and blamed curses for their bad luck. The Sox needed to beat the Yankees in order to go the World Series and break their curse.

The Sox looked terrible in their showing against the Yanks and fans were miserable when their team was down 3-0 in the series. If the Yankees won one more game, then the Red Sox were done for the season. Unbelievably, the Sox won four straight games and they went to the World Series and beat the Cardinals.

It is one of my favorite analogies in life. I cannot think of better example of a group of people who felt down and out but came back to succeed. It is an impressive feat and quite inspirational.

The Sox team represents the students at FUS. (Sorry to students who hate the Red Sox or do not watch baseball at all. But seriously, this is the time when students feel down and out. Time is tough this time of the year.)

The Yankees represent school work and everything else on a college student’s plate. Once again, sorry to any student who actually likes the Yankees, or similarly, does not watch baseball. It’s obvious that this analogy is a little trite and cheesy, but it holds water.

That’s one of the best things about sports. There is an analogy for every aspect of life. It’s my favorite thing ever. To anyone that ever thinks that school is too much, think about the Sox. Think about feeling completely overwhelmed and then coming out the other side. I mean, there was an example of it on national television.

FUS students: do not get down on yourselves. Seriously, this is the time to excel. Even if you feel like you are down three games to zero. You can come back from it. Good luck students!

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