Sports Column: Farewell to campus, hello Gaming, Austria


So this is the last sports column of the year, and as of now the last column I will write for the Troub.

No, I’m not graduating, but I’m headed to Gaming this fall, so I won’t be around to talk about Franciscan’s great sports programs or random bits of American outdoor fun. However, my replacement as the Sports Editor for fall 2012, Elena Luke, is definitely going to step up to the plate and bring some solid material to the Sports section in the Troub.

For this final sports column, I’m going to brush upon a few different things. The biggest topic of choice is staying in shape, or even simply getting in shape this summer. It’s beach season baby! More importantly, it’s summertime!

With finals and all the studying that we’ve all been going through there isn’t always a whole lot of time to work out. I know it’s been hard to find time in my own schedule. But there are a few simple things that can keep you motivated and still do some exercising even if the majority of the time you have is spent hitting the books (or facebook).

Something I’ve found extremely helpful is just dropping and doing pushups. Every half hour or so, just drop and do 10, 15 or 20. Mix in some situps. Now I don’t recommend this if you’re in the library, but if you’re in the dorm room or a common room, what’s stopping you besides yourself?

It’s pretty late in the game to start a new regimen for the tail end of the semester, but I’ve got to say, finals week=a ton more free time. Yes, there’s the whole part where we have to study for the tests, but besides that there’s no classes and the amount of things to do is narrowed down considerably.

When summer hits and we start the process of catching up with friends and family, why not include them in your workout schedule? Go for a swim in the lake, jog the shore in the early morning hours, hit the trails with the rusty old mountain bike you had back in high school, walk the dog together-something, anything! Keep in shape. You won’t regret it.

This fall when I’m in Gaming, I’ll definitely be exploring the different ways to work out and stay in shape that Europe has to offer-I know biking and running in the mountains are high on my list, and I’ll be frequenting the little workout room in the Kartause. If you’re in the facebook group for Austria Fall 2012, I made a post recently about staying in shape in Austria. If anyone out there reading this is going with me to Europe, let’s make it happen!

Sadly, as I stated earlier, this will be the last column I write as the Sports Editor for the Troub. It has been a great year-I’ve learned a lot about the athletes at Franciscan and the drive behind our sports programs. The common theme is faith. Glorification of God through our bodies is a fantastic opportunity that we needn’t pass by. God gave us the ability to play sports, to work out, to challenge ourselves physically and mentally, among countless other gifts. It would be unwise not to use them.

I’d like to especially thank Rebekah Richards for all her help and guidance, especially when I started in fall 2011. She’s taught me a bunch about the Troub and how to be an editor on the newspaper staff.

One more thing-being a member of a newspaper staff or holding any public relations position is a great way to meet members of the community and learn about what makes people tick. I’ve met some solid individuals who are Baron Athletes, and I’m proud to have worked in conjunction with the sports programs at Franciscan. I definitely recommend getting some experience in this field, even if journalism is not your ultimate career goal-the people you will meet and the experience gained are priceless.

So God bless, work hard, keep on keeping on, and thanks to everyone who helped contribute to the Sports page. Feel free to friend me on facebook or shoot me an email at anytime about anything sports/athletically relevant!

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