Sodexo strengthens cleaning efforts after poor sanitation rating


Franciscan University of Steubenville’s food-service provider is strengthening efforts to maintain a sanitary environment after passing a monthly audit “by the skin of their teeth,” according to the general manager of the branch.

Doug Orr, general manager of Sodexo on campus, said that Antonian Hall received a poor rating for the month of October when undergoing a routine evaluation by the school.

“We did take a little half step back, but it’s given us an opportunity to improve and we’ll be ready for our next audit,” said Orr. “We wouldn’t want (poor scores) to happen each month. We need to improve every day that we operate.” Orr said that Antonian Hall and other food service locations around campus usually receive some of the highest ratings offered during the surprise monthly audits conducted by Franciscan. In the past, Antonian Hall and other locations have “passed with flying colors,” he said.

Orr declined to release a copy of the October report.

Not receiving a high rating was “one of those wake up calls where we said, ‘this is what we have to work on,'” he continued.

Sodexo employees are given copies of the evaluation in order to improve each food service area. This practice is part of an employee bonus program, said Orr.

Orr added that the negative evaluation was also reflected in poor customer satisfaction scores. However, customer satisfaction scores over the past year were some of the highest scores received. Orr attributed these high scores to the new meal plan options offered this semester.

Sophomore James Roman said that the cafeteria “seems clean” to him.

“I’m not really picky,” he added.

Junior Emily Malhiot said that overall she doesn’t usually notice outstanding details regarding the cleanliness of the cafeteria, but there have been several times where she has grabbed dirty dishes, cups (and) utensils, and has noticed stains and spills lasting over the course of multiple days.

Joe Dantona, a sophomore, said the cafeteria is “not bad.”

“I have no complaints,” he said. “Sometimes there’s soap in the soda and that’s really disappointing. It happens, though.”

Senior Michael Uhl said that while Antonian Hall is clean, “they need better food.”

The University evaluates monthly all Sodexo locations on campus, including Egan Hall’s Simply to Go. These audits are mostly concerned with cleanliness and sanitation, Orr said. Additionally, quality assurance audits are conducted once every semester; mystery shopper reports are filed on a weekly basis.

Each year, the National Sanitation Foundation conducts a surprise, more thorough evaluation that considers items such as food safety, employee training and quality assurance.

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