Sodexo introduces new meal plans


Franciscan University of Steubenville’s food-service provider, Sodexo, introduced students to the upgraded meal plans for the upcoming fall semester.

The changes offered include seven different meal plans ranging with various options of exchanges and points to correspond more uniquely with each student.

Five of the seven meal plans are set up for on-campus resident students at Franciscan while the other two are geared toward off-campus and commuter students.

Select students had the opportunity to test the meal plans this spring semester. Freshman Mary Grace Bergen had the opportunity to test the 200 block plan. The plan included 200 meals a semester averaging out to about 13 per week with an additional 275 points and five meal exchanges.

Bergen said, “I really like the new meal plans, they are much more flexible to the students particular needs and they offer much more variety of food.”

Charles Pobee-Mensah, the director of the changes made to the Sodexo plans, held two meetings collecting feedback from students followed by a “60’s Block Party” in Antonian Hall on Wednesday promoting the new plans.

The party was an informational gathering offering food and brochures promoting the upcoming plans.

Sodexo worker Alex Hufnagel also commented on the upcoming meal plans.

“The new changes are getting people excited about cafeteria food,” said Hufnagel. “I think Sodexho shows that it cares about students’ needs by changing the meal plans.”

Sodexo worker Shannon Sommers said: “I think the changes will be very beneficial to students because of the versatility they offer. Because of the new meal plans students will have more variety when choosing what to eat every day. Sodexo has done a good job promoting the new changes through the ‘Block Party’ and flyers posted throughout campus.”

The main goal in changing the meal plans was to offer more flexibility particularly with meal exchanges and points. Instead of the common two exchanges a week with one additional exchange on the weekend, students will have the opportunity to use more exchanges throughout the week.

Points also are a significant change as almost every plan offers over 150 points compared to the 50 that was common this year with the 19 meal plan.

Another substantial change is the expiration of meals. Instead of the number of meals expiring at the end of the week, students will now have the opportunity to carry extra meal swipes all the way to the end of the semester.

All resident meal plans offered range in price from $1,625 to $1,725. The two off-campus meal plans range from $375 to $790. By keeping the price range similar to former years, while changing the meal plans, Sodexo has got students excited about the upcoming changes.

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