Scaffidi’s restaurant continues to draw in local, student crowd

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The family-owned and operated business of Scaffidi’s Restaurant and Tavern has been a popular presence in Steubenville since it first opened its doors in October of 2009.

The newest addition that Scaffidi’s offers is gift cards. They would often get calls from parents wanting to treat their kids to dinner, and the staff at Scaffidi’s originally didn’t have an easy way to handle it. Now certificates can be bought online for any occasion such as “thinking of you,” birthdays or good grades.

“The reason we opened is to have a restaurant where everything is homemade and truly authentic Italian,” said Frankie DiCarlantonio, general manager of Scaffidi’s, “and to combine techniques and recipes from our mothers and grandmothers and revamping it with a modern flare.”

When Nino and Dawn Scaffidi first opened in 2009, it was their mothers and their aunt who made everything from the pasta and the gnocchi to the lasagna and the meatballs.

“It was truly a homemade place and it still is even though we grew,” said DiCarlantonio. “We just have more old ladies (cooking) now.”

DiCarlantonio said the family business was originally intended to be carry-out only. Now a full restaurant, Scaffidi’s offers catering, private rooms and a wedding venue.

Nino and Dawn Scaffidi opened their first location on Sunset Boulevard in 2009 in a little house. Their first location only sat about 20 or 25 people, which they quickly outgrew, said DiCarlantonio.

They moved to their current location in the Hollywood Shopping Plaza in August of 2011, which is now capable of seating about 250 people.

“Graduation weekend, move-in weekend and everything are big times for us and we get many bigger tables of Franciscan students in,” said DiCarlantonio concerning business from Franciscan University. “Franciscan is a great asset for us and it brings a lot of business to us.”

“We would love to have you guys here,” said DiCarlantonio. “We would like to reach out to you to provide you coupons and different deals … If you have a party of 12 or 13, call us and we will make it happen. We are a truly homemade restaurant and it’s a good place to come get a home-cooked meal when you are away from home.”

Franciscan students had only good things to say about the local Italian restaurant.

“Gnocchi is the greatest pasta I have ever consumed,” said Kritter Mac. She also recommended that the gnocchi be served without sauce.

Fellow student, Anna Gagnet said, “It’s a great family, locally-owned Italian restaurant that serves good food and a good time.”

Information concerning hours of operation can be found on Scaffidi’s website at and they are located at 350 S. Hollywood Boulevard

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