Rosary Circle to become Admissions visitors parking


Franciscan University of Steubenville’s admissions department plans to reserve the Rosary Circle for admissions visitor parking on certain Fridays.

“The visit plays a huge role in the prospective students’ decision to enroll, so admissions is making changes to improve the visit,” said Emma Smits, admission counselor for communications. One of these changes is to reserve the Rosary Circle for admissions visitor parking to make parking more convenient for the visitors.

Smits said that the Rosary Circle would be reserved from around 7:30 am until noon, which is the time when prospective students and their families first arrive on campus.

The Rosary Circle would be reserved only on certain Fridays. The admissions department advertises “Franciscan Fridays” which are very popular and many prospective students visit on those days. Smits said these Fridays are usually on holiday weekends when high school students have four-day weekends and use those weekends to visit.

“Students probably aren’t aware of how many visitors we have,” Smits said. “I know I wasn’t aware until I started working [for admissions]. We have a lot of visitors to accommodate and we want to try to accommodate everyone on campus.”

Because the Rosary Circle is visitor parking anyway, reserving the Rosary Circle does not change anything for students who have cars registered on campus or for the faculty. The only change would be for other visitors to campus who are not prospective students on an admissions visit. Even then, visitors do not often park in the Rosary Circle.

On Friday, September 28, the Rosary Circle parking spaces were blocked off by orange cones to reserve the spots for the prospective students.

The admissions department and Jefferson Security are working on eventually giving temporary parking permits to the prospective students.

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