ResLife, students react to St. Thomas More Hall’s struggle to keep community kitchen clean

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St. Thomas More Hall has encountered problems with residents’ sanitation in the community kitchen as well as stealing supplies and dorm property.

“I’ve been in ResLife for four years and (the kitchen) has always been a problem,” said Emily Liuzza, resident coordinator for St. Thomas More Hall. “Whether just cleaning or even the bigger problem of people just taking things out of it until we don’t have any more supplies.”

For three consecutive nights before closing the kitchen, the resident assistants had spent over 40 minutes cleaning when it should have only taken them 10 to 15 minutes.

“It was closed this week because of sanitation,” Liuzza continued. “It was really disgusting and it took a really long time to clean. It stayed closed because the sign that said ‘kitchen is closed’ was stolen, which we paid for and made.”

The sign has not been found, but since the ResLife staff of St. Thomas More Hall cannot be sure that it was any of the women of the hall that stole it, they opened the kitchen on Feb. 7.

“I don’t know how big of a problem (it is) in all of the dorms,” said Liuzza. “But I know that it has been talked about amongst resident directors and that it is an issue. I think that (St. Thomas More) being the largest dorm … with all women who like to cook and bake, the biggest issue is probably in this dorm.”

The residents of St. Thomas More Hall have also found the sanitation and responsibility of some of the other residents to be problematic.

“It’s a little annoying,” said Mo Bass, custodial worker and St. Thomas More Hall council member. “I just wish that girls would clean up after themselves and do the basic things like we were all raised to do. It’s just nice and good manners to always pick up after yourself. It is kind of frustrating when the people that do pick up after themselves can’t use (the kitchen).”

St. Thomas More resident Danielle Gaulin agreed.

“I think that the people who clean (the kitchen) do a good job but everyone else just leaves it gross. Dishes in the sink and the dirty towels … it’s just really gross.”

Fellow hall resident Rosie Harris said, “I do not like it when the kitchen is closed … it’s very sad. It disappoints me when the women here do not clean up after themselves.”

Other residents of the hall had a different perspective on the situation.

“I feel like this is one of the cleanest dorms on campus,” said Michele Volk. “In general when I walk through the hallway I feel like its cleaner, maybe because it is newer.”

Madeline Wilga, hall-mate of Volk agreed saying, “Everything that is not clean is definitely due to us.”

Liuzza offered some advice concerning the situation: “I think for the women of our hall, and across campus, it is good to just realize that you are in college now and you are young adults. I think if everyone is disciplined, responsible and courteous enough to just take care of themselves, it will make everyone else’s job a lot easier. It is just a matter of people realizing that if you leave your dishes in the sink, you are leaving it for someone else and that’s not okay to do.”

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