Reaction to the election

Dear colleagues, I too am disappointed in last night’s defeat.

Our resistance to the threats on life, family, and religious freedom was unsuccessful.

We have corporate abuse, we’re still “Americans without culture,” we have sky-rocketing health-care costs and we have a President(-elect) who supports drone strikes, torture, and war. We are to be left without just immigration reform and in deporting massive amounts of people, we’re destroying families, our religious freedom will continue to be infringed, we’re still killing people on death row, we’re not tending to the needs of our environment and earth, we’re being misled into believing we can have energy independence without pursuing sustainable technologies, we’re leaving our people hungry, homeless, uneducated and without work, and of course, the well-being of the unborn is in peril.

Instead of uniting, to protect all life, all families, the fullness of religious freedom, we have fallen prey to a system that has promised us true progress in exchange for unqualified allegiance. Many democrats and republicans alike have forsaken the sovereignty of a consistent ethic of life, for short-term, short-sighted, undelivered gain.

To the fine persons of good will: we must unite, defy the bonds of the current political system, and create a culture that truly esteems all life.

– Keith Michael Estrada

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