Q&A with Joe Danaher


The Troubadour sat down with political science student Joe Danaher to talk about his successes and challenges during the past two years that he has served as Franciscan University’s Student Government president.

The Troub: What made you run for this position?

Danaher: I study political science because my goal in life is to do what I can to better the community in a way that is tangible. I ran for student government because I want to affect change and make things better for the student body.

The Troub: What are the biggest challenges/obstacles that you have faced in this last year of office?

Danaher: Definitely budgeting – what to cut and not to cut in terms of finances. Figuring out the feasibility of funds for various clubs. Also, organizing the shuttle rides was a big challenge.

Danaher, along with his then-vice president Gregory Andrews, implemented a shuttle ride system last year to give students rides to the Pittsburgh Airport during the Thanksgiving and spring breaks. He also said that he would consider the shuttle rides his biggest accomplishment during his terms.

The Troub: What has been your biggest accomplishment in this position?

Danaher: In the last two years, (student government) has been able to provide rides for 400-plus students. There was previously no such thing as the shuttle rides, but we saw the need amongst the student body.

The Troub: Has the response from the student body to your presidency been positive?

Danaher: I would say yes, given that I was able to return a second year with almost 60 percent of the vote. Students have expressed appreciation toward the shuttle rides as well as hearing their input on changing the Open Hours policies. Many clubs have also been able to operate successfully with the funds they were given. They had a lot of support and communication between us and them, and it allowed for a lot of wise budgeting.

The Troub: If you could give your successor one piece of advice, what would that be?

Danaher: If there’s something that needs done – a need that has to be met – I’ve learned that you need to either find a way or make one. The way that things can be done won’t always appear, but things can be done if you put the effort in.

Though he will be at Franciscan for another year to obtain a master’s in philosophy, Danaher does not plan on running for student government again. He hopes to apply to law school and work for a large firm in either Washington D.C. or New York City.

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