On Tap: Hildebrand on Beauty

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Photo by Joe Sanchez
Photo by Joe Sanchez

The Hildebrand Project held a Philosophy on Tap event hosted by its own student interns at Damon’s Grill and Sports on Feb. 25.

Students and professors alike began the event in prayer, followed by an intelligent and casual student-led paideia concerning the question of, “What is Beauty?”

Dr. John Crosby, special guest speaker, spoke on the nature of beauty and its role in man’s life, encouraging questions and further discussion. Students had varied answers on each question of the evening.

The students and professors discussed the objectivity of beauty and the experience of beauty. The students illustrated these broad terms by using lyrics, favorite songs, hiking trips, nature and artwork.

The Hildebrand Project centers on fostering German philosopher and theologian Dietrich von Hildebrand’s work through spreading his writings and ideas for the renewal of culture.

Dietrich von Hildebrand was an original philosopher, passionate Christian activist and anti-Nazi activist. Hildebrand and his wife Alice, a writer on human sexuality and Theology of the Body, fled Nazi-Expansion in Germany and settled in the United States in 1940.

Annie Foster, student intern and English, philosophy and theology triple major, found herself intrigued by the discussion and enjoyed the debates on beauty. After reading Alice von Hildebrand’s work on Theology of the Body, she was inspired to dive into Alice’s husband’s work.

Concerning her future in philosophy, Foster already has a plan.

“I want to write fictional stories and have a few good narratives to bring philosophy alive so it’s understandable to its reader,” said Foster.

Marisa Ramos, student intern for The Hildebrand Project and humanities and catholic culture major, was also interested in von Hildebrand’s work.

“I saw the flier for an internship and I decided to apply,” Ramos said. “It’s the perfect job for our majors and God almost handcrafted these internships for us. It’s just perfect.”

Ramos explained the main focus of The Hildebrand Project.

“(It) is the renewal of culture, and doing so with the aid of Hildebrand’s writing,” she said. “We’re not reading and spewing it up back onto the blog, but we’re reading his writings and reflecting on it.”

Ramos reflected on how she likes taking von Hildebrand’s writing and making it relatable to other readers.

“I will take a common event that happened in my life and I will use that to explain it to the readers,” Ramos said. “I don’t want any walls going up for my reader, because I want them to understand the beauty of the piece.”

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