Meet Butch: Franciscan University’s omelet master

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Photo by Liz Bunnell
Photo by Liz Bunnell

Enthusiastic conversations, happy faces and delicious smells come wafting from the grill section of the cafeteria every morning all thanks to the beloved man known as Butch.

Moses “Butch” Turner has been working at Franciscan University of Steubenville’s cafeteria for about 30 years and has been making omelets to-order since around 2005.

To most, Butch is known as the omelet master of the cafeteria, and he said that he wouldn’t mind taking the title.

When serving the numerous students who come for breakfast every morning, it would seem as if he knew every person by name.

“I know the ones who come every day,” said Butch. “I am bad with names … but eventually it gets burned in my mind.”

While working diligently to quickly make his customers’ orders, Butch will take the time to hold a thoughtful conversation with the person who is waiting for the meal.

While he hasn’t always worked with omelets, Butch said when the previous cook left he volunteered to serve students their beloved breakfast item every morning.

“I never thought that I would enjoy working with customers,” he said. “But I do now. I like seeing (the students) every morning. Everyone is friendly here anyway.”
Butch said that he and his entire family have lived in the Steubenville area his whole life. He works in Franciscan’s cafeteria Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. every week.

“My famous words are ‘Enjoy your meal’ … ndI say that every time,” Butch said as he served one of the students the fresh omelet.

Everyone seemed to have something nice to say when asked about the man behind the grill.

“I love Butch,” said Maggie Craig, a Franciscan student. “He is super nice and always friendly. He cares more about serving you your omelet and he sees you as a person rather than a pesky student.”

Another Franciscan student, James Judd, had more praises for Butch. “Everyday I come for breakfast and I get an omelet from Butch three or four times a week. He doesn’t have my order memorized yet, but I know he has many other people’s orders memorized.”

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