Marian renovations update


According to the project manager on Friday, construction of the addition to Marian Hall is going well. The project is “on–or a little bit ahead—of schedule,” said Vince Oliver. “But that could change at any minute.”

Over Spring break, crews demolished the east stairwell and the emergency exit, and constructed a temporary emergency exit with scaffolding. The exterior wall of the last room on the south side of each floor was removed to create this temporary exit. Grace Moran, a Resident Assistant in Marian Hall, said that an evacuation drill has been conducted, and that it went well.

The excavation for the foundation is complete, and the forms have been laid for pouring the foundation. Workers were setting steel reinforcements within the forms, and placing footers into the bedrock.

Oliver said that according to documents on file at Physical Plant, the original construction is similar to the new work in the addition. The exposed foundation goes down to the bedrock where the crew is currently working.

“The weather has been great!” said Oliver. “It’s been very conducive to work and construction.” The weather has not been the only thing going well for the project. Though most of Steubenville recently lost power for several hours-with most of campus having power surges Friday afternoon-the site had full power.

The Site Superintendant, Dave Capponi, said that they will be ready to pour concrete for the footers on Wednesday, April 4. Capponi also said that the access road has not yet been completed, but it is within a week of completion.

Massaro Corporation, the general contractor for the project, has worked for the school on several previous projects, said Oliver. Massaro Corp. was the general contractor for the construction of St. Louis and St. Elizabeth halls and the Holy Spirit Friary. Massaro also contracted for the renovation projects on St. Thomas More Hall, Egan Hall and the JC Williams Center. According to Oliver, they were the general contractor for the construction of the main entrance sign.

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