Letter from the editor: A note of thanks

Assistant Editor

As The Troubadour staff is preparing for the last print issue of this semester, I look back on this past year with our student newspaper.

A few significant changes were made to the front page, including a redesigned logo and header, and how we successfully updated our website to WordPress (much to the great joy of Jordan). We’ve stepped up our content on social media and now have an Instagram account for readers to share and publish their photos.

Our staff has worked hard each week and they’ve brought so much talent and dedication to serving the student body through this newspaper – that even includes you, Matt VanWagenan, our distribution manager who has the easiest job on campus, as Jordan and I like to joke.

We couldn’t publish The Troubadour without our staff writers, either. Each week they go above and beyond to gather the news and sometimes write three or four articles a week on top of their busy homework schedules. They’ve learned to work with very tight deadlines and have become better writers because of it.

But, if you’ll let me take the liberty in this editorial, there is one person in particular who deserves much thanks and recognition for all she’s done for The Troubadour this year.

As Editor-in-Chief, Jordan Otero has transformed this newspaper and taught us on staff the great rewards of putting our hard work and zeal into serving this campus. I know she’d probably want me to fill this editorial space with something else, but I’m not letting her graduate discreetly without thanking her first.

Editors don’t get a lot of credit for what they do – mostly just flack. A lot has to happen, even for our six-page paper, to be published every other week. Most print weeks Jordan and I would brace ourselves for the worst – a story falling through, the pdf’s not saving, late nights working on layout. But Jordan orchestrated it all confidently and skillfully, with coffee mug in hand.

Jordan has motivated all of us on staff to do our best every week and always encourages us in our strengths. Particularly, Jordan was one of the first people who encouraged me to continue in the study and work of journalism. Working with her this past year, I’ve not only looked up to Jordan as an editor but also as a friend.

She has brought her many talents, contagious enthusiasm for journalism and transformative ideas to The Troubadour. I am positive that she will do the same in whatever life presents her after graduation.

Watch out journalism world, this girl may go crazy without her morning cup (or two) of coffee but she has a knack for writing pithy headlines and has St. Maximilian Kolbe on her side.

Jordan, on behalf of The Troubadour staff, writers and, I think it’s safe to say all of campus, thank you for your inspiring dedication to this student newspaper.

May you, and the entire Class of 2014, be greatly blessed in all that you do. And may you use the gifts you’ve been given and the wisdom you’ve gained to give glory to God in your life and others’.

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