Lady Baron softball wins first game since 2011

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On March 13 in Clairmont, Fla., Franciscan’s softball team beat Anna Maria College in an intense 4-3 win marking the Lady Barons first win since 2011.

The team was in Florida for its annual trip taken during spring break.

“We go to Florida for multiple reasons — to get some game time in on the field because the weather is so much better down there,” Parker said. “It’s also a great opportunity to get to know your teammates and come together as a team.”

The team bonded over a lot of different aspects of the trip but toward the end of the week the team was especially brought together when they pulled out the win, Parker said.

“We had a pretty long losing streak,” Parker said.  “So it was a long time coming and it was a great moment for everybody.”

In a nail biting game, the team came together in all aspects of play in its game against Anna Maria. Going into the bottom of the fourth inning the Lady Barons were down 3-0, but by the end of the inning had tied the score at 3-3.

First junior Ashley Ruttencutter scored off of a double from freshman Kim Muscat. Then pushing the score to be tied was junior Katrina Fabian with an in the park homerun that brought Muscat in to score.

The team kept the hope of a win alive with tight field play and held Anna Maria from scoring any more runs.

“They were communicating and executing really well on the field,” Parker said. “Everything they did they did well with a minimal number of errors.”

It came down to the bottom of the seventh inning with the game still tied at 3-3 and senior team captain Rosemary Cassidy on third base. When a pitch from Anna Maria’s pitcher went wild, Parker gave the signal to Cassidy and she stole home ending the game in Franciscan’s favor. 

“No one in the dugout realized we had won the game at that point,” Parker said. “They were so focused on finishing the game that they didn’t realize that we just won.  It was a neat moment and a really exciting time.”

Aside from scoring once for the team, Ruttencutter also played a large role in the game with her performance from the pitching mound. With only two weeks of pitching training under her belt, she pitched the whole game.

“She did one heck of a job for us,” Parker said. “For someone who has been pitching for so short a time, she’s doing amazing.”

The team looks on to the rest of its season in hopes of good weather and plenty of playing time, Parker said.

“They keep getting better with each game,” Parker said. “We just want to keep playing so they can improve and get some more wins.”

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