Lacrosse team preserves despite bad weather conditions

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Although he finds himself with nearly an entirely new team, Coach Peter Rosaschi looks forward to the Baron Lacrosse season, while finding himself deterred by the freezing temperatures and snow-covered fields. Practice so far, according to Rosaschi, has been tough but allows for much improvement.

“There are a lot of opportunities to get in shape,” Rosaschi said.

At the mostly negative temperatures throughout the week, practice has been difficult for the inexperienced lacrosse team. However, Rosaschi sees all the work his team is demonstrating and admires the players who endure such temperatures and still persevere.

“You gotta be tough to play in this weather,” Rosaschi said. “There’s a lot of perseverance that goes into playing in this weather; you gotta stay pretty fast.”

Rosaschi continues by describing how the practices have been affected by the weather.

“Because it’s so cold, the players have to be in constant motion,” Rosaschi said. “We’ve broken three heads so far in these two weeks of practice; the plastic snaps from the cold.”

Although the last few days have been warmer, Rosaschi believes the cold has prepared the team for less pleasant conditions.

“The players have been learning to breathe more deeply,” Rosaschi said. “The cold air is more difficult to inhale, but we’re ready to take on inclement weather.”

Rosaschi refuses to single out any player, commenting about the incredible efforts he has seen throughout the team during practices.

“I’m proud of each and every one of them,” Rosaschi said. “All of them have really come forward and stepped up.”

Despite having little idea about what the season will look like, Rosaschi did mention that he has a nearly brand new team, with little experience.

“We only have two recurring players from last year,” Rosaschi said. “It’s like having a new team.”

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