Knights of the Holy Queen household draws large crowd for coffeehouse, raises funds

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The Knights of the Holy Queen household drew in a large crowd with their coffeehouse fundraiser featuring some of Franciscan University of Steubenville’s favorite entertainers on Saturday at 9 p.m. in the J.C. Williams Center Atrium.

The coordinator of the Knights, Jacob Francisco, estimated that 12 groups would be performing for the attendees that evening. Within the three-hour-long coffeehouse, 16 groups ended up taking part in the event.

The entertainment varied from soloists to quartets, rappers to stand-up, popular songs to classics from years past. Those attending the event filled the lower section of the J.C. Williams Center while many others lined the banisters, watching from above.

Tim Wood, baritone for the Baron Harmonics said, “We are a quartet that just got together three weeks ago. I started at the beginning of the semester and Joe Duran about a week ago.” Wood and Duran are both intents to the Knights of the Holy Queen.

The coffeehouse was a household fundraiser, but they were also selling tickets to two showings for students to see Mary of Nazareth on March 2 in Pugliese Auditorium. The proceeds of the film will be given to Living Rule Ministries.

“I am doing a stand up routine,” said Chris LaMar, intent of the Knights. “I have always been into acting and entertaining people … aigetting up in front of crowds and making people laugh.

“With it being midterm time,” LaMar continued, “people need a night to relax in a social setting and connect with people. It is great being able to use the gifts God gave us. It is going to be a fun night … and it is with the best household on campus.”

Caitlin Dudenhoefer, member of the Knights’ sister household Regina Angelorum, said, “My favorite would have to be John (Trabbic) and Emily (Mislan) because of the songs they played. (The songs) are favorites of me and my brothers. All of the acts were amazing. I am glad I could come and support my brothers.”

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