Intramural ultimate frisbee begins on campus


Franciscan University of Steubenville is home to four intramural sports programs throughout the fall and spring semesters. With flag football and volleyball in the fall, basketball and Frisbee are practiced in the spring. Over the past few decades, Frisbee has become the most popular intramural program, raking in over 700 students and staff members each season. Kelly Herrmann, head of intramurals, believes that the nature of Frisbee is what attracts so many participants.

“Frisbee is the simplest intramural sport,” Herrmann said. “It is easy to learn and not intimidating. As long as you are physically fit enough to run and catch a Frisbee, you can feel capable and successful.”

Although Frisbee is widely practiced throughout FUS, the harsh spring weather has been creating obstacles for the intramural program, forcing Herrmann to cancel games and rearrange the schedule. Herrmann suggests that Frisbee should be played in the fall, when Steubenville weather is at its finest, as it was when she attended Franciscan in 1981.

“This past Sunday it was so cold that most of the teams agreed to play with a running clock,” Herrmann said. “Frisbee, more than any other intramural sport, requires the best weather.”

Along with the wind and snow that prevent students from participating in Frisbee, April is a difficult time of the academic calendar due to its’ close proximity to finals. The weather also takes a toll on the three intramural fields located between the rugby and baseball fields. Currently, Herrmann claims that one of the three fields has become unplayable due to the wear and tear of many seasons of play.

“Physical Plant has done a great job of building those fields up so that we can play on them,” Herrmann said. “But in recent years we have abused them. We play in almost every weather condition, but one of the fields has a few holes in it, which increases the risk of injury.”

An increase in the intramural and student work program budgets would improve the fields’ playing conditions as well as help expand the intramural program as a whole. Herrmann has many ideas to strengthen participation in intramurals, such as a catering service on the fields.

“We want more people to come up to the fields and stay,” Herrmann said. “We want to encourage students to enjoy the day and hang out. There are a million things we could do in the upcoming future.”

Herrmann hopes to see the intramural program grow so that students will learn to take their health more seriously. Increasing participation in intramural sports will in turn inspire students to become active.

“Through their experience with intramurals we want them to learn to take their physical well-being more seriously and to be good stewards of their bodies,” Herrmann said. “We want to create as many opportunities as we can.”

Frisbee intramural Championships will take place on Saturday April 27th, with the chance of being rescheduled for April 28th in the case of further weather complications.

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