Intramural sports strengthen friendships

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Sports bring together players from all backgrounds and allow them to bond on a deeper level than being everyday friends just hanging out.

Intramural sports foster a sense of community among players and challenge them to better themselves by being virtuous, healthy people, along with building campus life.

Kelly Hermann, an alumna and current women’s volleyball coach, came from a highly sports-oriented background and was disappointed when Franciscan didn’t have varsity teams. However, she participated in intramural softball and loved it.

“It gave me a chance to better myself,” Hermann said. “It’s a constant striving.”

Because of the Catholic background at Franciscan, Hermann said there are many opportunities to improve athletes’ virtues.

“Sports upkeeps virtue,” Hermann said. “It promotes discipline, magnanimity … they all develop here at Franciscan.”

Hermann also mentioned household involvement in intramural sports, recalling her days in Carae Domini and the household’s intramural team.

“Household works great with intramurals,” Hermann said. “I’m the advisor for Carae Domini, but I used to be in the household when I came here, and we loved how it challenged us to be better people.”

Jessica Valera plays post and wing in her household’s nine-person intramural basketball team, Crown of Creation. She enjoys the intramurals and the closeness it promotes among her friends.

“Intramurals have helped me bond more with the girls on my team on a deeper level than just friends or household could offer me,” Valera said.

Valera and her sisters knew that intramurals could provide closeness, which is why they formed the team.

“We decided to make a team to facilitate deeper friendships and sisterhood outside of just household commitments,” Valera said. Hermann added that not only are intramural sports good to better individuals and small groups, but it also to build and promote culture on campus.

“We’re planning on expanding the options for intramurals,” Hermann said. “We’re trying to bring back activities like sand volleyball tournament, to spark the interest for more people.”

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