Letter from the Editor: A fond farewell

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In my last editorial I urged campus to live in the moment and stop counting down the days until graduation or summer break. This time however I'm going to dwell on the past and say all the thank yous I will never have the time to get in once I don my cap and gown May 12.

When I walked into my first Troubadour meeting in the Spring of 2010 as a sophomore and 19 years of age I was a hopeful reporter, dreaming of the day when I could be just like all those super cool reporters who just looked like they had it all under control and so well put together.

The first stories I took were the classic and easy event stories like a super bowl party or a talk on campus. I took my job quite seriously and enjoyed being brave enough to walk up to anyone anywhere and ask, "What's happening," or "Tell me how you feel about this or that."

The first somewhat bigger story I took was about giant icicles that formed on the buildings after a huge snow we got that winter which brings me to my first thank you. It goes to Joe McGurn for the countless young reporters we've sent his way to ask what's going on with anything and everything to do with Physical Plant. He's been a great resource for The Troubadour. I'd also like to thank anyone else on campus who I've come knocking on their door saying, "Can I just ask you a couple questions for an article I'm writing?"

The Troubadour is where journalism became not just my profession but my life. It was my stepping stone to getting accepted to study in Washington D.C. the following fall where I really became a reporter, writing about Georgetown and soaking up the experience.

Upon my return the following semester I was the assistant editor and had the opportunity to meet some amazing people as I managed the writers for the paper. Here I'd like to say my second thank you. To anyone who ever wrote for the paper, you made The Troubadour what it is today and allowed me to have a great time pursuing news.

In this, my final year at Franciscan, it has been such a pleasure to serve as Editor-in-Chief. I'd like to say thank you to my whole staff because you all are The Troubadour. Without you this whole giant news process just wouldn't happen. I've never laughed so hard as I do some nights while we layout the paper and strayed so far from business during our board meetings simply because I love talking to each of you.

Finally, thanks to every professor who has ever had me in their classroom here. I wish I could name you all, but sadly there just isn't enough room to list how awesome you all are. You made me the writer I am today and have enlightened me greatly! Thank you most especially to Dr. Wayne Lewis who has been a great mentor to me and put up with a lot from me in his classes and through my work for this paper.

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