Sonlife dance brings out the nerd or bro

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On Friday night, plenty of Franciscan students had the chance to embrace a little bit of their inner nerd and bro at the Sonlife fundraiser: a Bros and Nerds Beach Party. The dance helped to raise money for Sonlife ministries, which has been fundraising heavily for their mission to Panama City Beach, Florida, over Spring Break.

Alec Banda, a member of the Sonlife mission this year, shared his thoughts about ministering to the people at Panama City Beach. "There is such a party, hook-up culture in this area, so our mission is to go out and converse with people. We don't throw the Bible in their faces, but we minister to them through conversation," he said. "I definitely think it is going to be difficult, but fulfilling as well," Banda added, when asked about his thoughts on participating in the mission.

Costumes at the dance were clever and varied. Several nerds sported large, taped glasses, argyle sweaters, and Converse All-Stars. Bros wore loose basketball shorts, cut-off tank tops, and flat brim hats. Maura Kennedy embraced her 'nerdiness' with the addition of suspenders. "Sometimes I'm bullied for being a nerd, but right now I feel very included in the university and able to truly be myself," she said.

On the flipside, Pat Hall and his friends all carried lacrosse sticks to emphasize their bro costumes. "We're just bros being bros," Hall said.

Two clever girls, Sarah Parent and Kat Schluter, put a spin on the definition of 'nerd,' by creating life-sized boxes of Nerds at their costumes. "We're from New Orleans, so we are the 'New Orleans Nerds'," Parent said with a smile. "As ingredients go, we're all sugar and spice and everything nice, plus a little bit of New Orleans sassafras."

The dance was largely attended and a successful fundraiser for Sonlife's mission trip.

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