Housing grant available for campus leaders


Every year, juniors and seniors at Franciscan University of Steubenville are invited to apply for the Leadership Housing Grant made available through the student life office for money to pay for student housing.

In order to qualify for the grant, students must have 60 or more credit hours, at least a 3.0 GPA, live in one of the dorms on campus, and have some involvement with leadership in student life. The student also must complete the application form which includes a questionnaire section, essay and a recommendation.

The amount of money given through the grant varies from year to year. How much money is distributed is based on the number of students that apply for the grant and fit the requirements, how well each student fulfills the requirements, and how much money is available for distribution.

Catherine Heck, the assistant vice president of student life, evaluates the applications of eligible students and gives each a score based on their GPA, leadership and financial need. The students are then given a monetary amount based on a score, and each eligible student receives some amount.

The money for the leadership housing grant comes mostly from student fines, which contributes to the variation of grant amounts. If there is a year when the students are fined less, then there is less money to be distributed through the grant.

Those students who are awarded the Leadership Housing Grant are also given a high priority in the housing process, and are given placement in their requested dorm second after household members. According to the housing process summary for students on Franciscan’s website, part of the reason for this is because “Franciscan University is committed to housing students of each class status in every traditional residence hall so that upperclassmen may serve as peer mentors to underclassmen.”

The website also explains that juniors and seniors at Franciscan are sent an email in late January reminding them to apply for the Leadership Housing Grant. Additionally, an application may be obtained from the student life office, located on the top floor of the J.C. Williams Center.

The grant is given out once a year for the whole year, and the application must be returned to the student life office in the beginning of March. Students attending Austria or living in Assisi Heights are not eligible for the grant.

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