Housing Fair Hassle


housing fairOn Friday, April 13th a line of students steadily stretched its way from the lower J.C. William’s entrance all the way back to the grass in front of the Louis-Liz stairway. Each and every one was waiting for a chance to get into a dorm of choice. This was the line for the housing fair.

In past years, the event has taken place in the morning, mostly on Saturdays. This has prompted students who wished to get a prime spot to camp out the night before. In Ohio’s weather conditions and under the regulation that no tents be allowed, many students caught colds or contracted pneumonia. In order to compensate for this, the fair was moved to an evening on a Friday.

An e-mail was also sent out from Alison Peleskey, the housing specialist, informing students that the line for the housing fair would begin at 8 am, that no students would be allowed to camp out overnight, and also requested that students not leave any messes. There was also a clause that any student who left the line for any reason would need to go to the back of the line and that no line cutting or place holding would be permitted.

Despite these warnings, many students lined up before the designated time. Others held places for those who went to get dinner or went to class. When walking from the back of the line to the front, once the fair had actually started (almost an hour before its scheduled time of 9pm), the pavement was littered with abandoned pizza boxes, water bottles, and soda cans.

“It’s incredibly unorganized as far as lining up goes” said Matt Seal, a freshman. The rules set out by Housing were not enforced and therefore were not obeyed. True, there were no tents, but every other regulation or request was disregarded.

Once the fair began, Kolbe/Clare was the first dorm to fill up. It was quickly followed by Louis/Elizabeth, Francis, and even St. Thomas More. Trinity and Marian were also full before 9:30 and many men and women were sent to lower campus.

Bethany Gabriele, a rising junior, suggested a ticket system awarded by lottery in which students would line up according to the number on their ticket. Another student thought that an online registration system, similar to that used during class sign ups, would be a better option than being faced with the choice of whether or not to skip classes in order to get a good room.

The process was adjusted this year, but by no means is it considered perfect. The efforts to improve are laudable and, in several students’ opinion, should continue.

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