Household Fair

Men's Household Fair 2012The annual men and women’s household fairs were held September 6 and 7 in the JC Williams Center.

“The household fair is an opportunity for the students to get to know the households that are on campus,” said the Rev. Bradley LePage, TOR. “Each household has a covenant that they mold their lives around, and in doing so, the households become one of the sparkplugs to the spiritual life on campus.”

The fairs had a combined total of approximately 40 booths. The bottom floor of the JC was a hub of energy, with coordinators and members of households eagerly distributing covenant and commitment sheets to interested students and explaining their charisms and what they felt made their household stand out. Some booths even ran out of covenant/commitment sheets, and were taking down email addresses for later contact.

In addition to highlighting the best points about their households, many coordinators also shared with new students the benefits of being involved in household life.

“You have the same group of guys around you all the time, that can call you on to greater holiness,” said John Krebs, a five year member of the Fishers of Men household. “You look out for each other. I was really interested in households because of the fellowship. To be able to support people, it gives you a great sense of Christian fidelity.”

Those in the women’s households also share this sentiment.

“It’s definitely something that’s life giving and needed, especially in college, when you have so much going on and so many demands on your time,” said senior Laura McCamey.

The fellowship that comes along with the household life is certainly one of the best parts for most students.

“The households have become the primary cultural defining characteristic of Franciscan University, especially in the area of student life,” said the Rev. Gregory Plow, TOR. “The university and its culture would not be the same without households.”

He also acknowledges the sentimentality of the sisterhood and brotherhood brought about by the households.

“The brotherhood and sisterhood is not just brotherhood and sisterhood in and of itself, you can find that in any secular fraternal organization,” said Plow. “What’s special about the brotherhood and sisterhood in households is that it is true Christian friendships. A true Christian friendship is one where two or more people help one another grow closer in virtue and to Jesus Christ.”

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