Expert shares angelology insight with eager crowd


Photo by: Lily Fitzgibbons

On Thursday, Oct. 25, a theology professor shared his expertise with students through a talk about angels.

Mark Miravalle, who holds a doctorate in theology, sparked the interest of many students with his talk title “Do you know your guardian angel?” The talk was held in the Pugliese auditorium, which filled fast and even left some attendees standing as they listened to Miravalle’s insight.

His talk touched on topics such as angels in essence, the nine choirs of angels and how people can grow in their relationship with their own guardian angels. Miravalle also answered questions from the audience about angels.

Miravalle questioned the audience, asking how a civilization of smarter, brighter and higher beings than humans is able to exist and yet be ignored at the same time. The crowd laughed when he said that “if you don’t know the nine choirs of angels, you are not civilized.”

Miravalle also told the audience about the principle Church experts on angels, citing St. Dionysius, St. Gregory the Great, St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Bonaventure.

Miravalle described angels as created persons without bodies whose mission is to glorify God and be messengers of God to humanity. Humans have to learn as they grow, but angels are created like computers with a full hard drive. Once an angel makes a decision, it cannot change its mind.

Miravalle gave practical advice on how to grow in relationship with one’s own guardian angel through four means.

The first way to grow in relationship was in adoration, during which one may invoke his or her angel for help in better adoring the Lord, said Miravalle. The second way he described was through contemplation, in which a person can ask his or her angel to assist him or her with prayer and with meditation.

Through expiation, the third way, a person can assist his or her angel by suffering since the angel cannot suffer itself. And fourthly, a person can assist in the mission of the Catholic Church, to get as many people into Heaven as she can, right beside his or her angel, said Miravalle.

Miravalle emphasized that people should have a relationship with their guardian angels, and he said that speaking to the angel and making a consecration to it is a great way of stepping towards that relationship.

“I think that the talk was very captivating,” said sophomore Annie St. Denis. “Angels are not something that everybody really thinks about all the time because we can’t see them, but I think it was very eye-opening to hear so many remarks about angels, and especially guardian angels in that they were assigned to us and are assigned to us, and that they’ve been waiting all of time just for us. I think that was really cool to hear.”

This talk was a part of Miravalle’s Theology Live series. The next talks in the series will be Nov. 8 and Nov. 29, each at 7:30 on Thursday nights.

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