Household serves grilled cheese sandwiches during Lent

Photo by Elizabeth Bunnell
Photo by Elizabeth Bunnell


Hungry Franciscan University of Steubenville students satisfied their taste buds at the Daughters of Jerusalem household’s grilled cheese sale on March 28.

Daughters of Jerusalem have hosted and will be hosting a grilled cheese sale every Friday during Lent from noon to 2 p.m. in the J.C. Williams Center with the exception of Good Friday, said household coordinator and senior Julie Fleming.

“It was perfect for Lent because people do not eat meat,” she said.

Daughters of Jerusalem previously held “Glow-Out Blow-Out” dances as household fundraisers in the cafeteria or Assisi Heights, but dances are no longer allowed in those locations, and the lights cannot be turned off in the J.C., said Fleming.

Last semester, the household decided to host a grilled cheese and tomato soup fundraiser.

Fleming said, “We didn’t really want to do a bake sale or another dance because a lot of households and mission trips do that, so we wanted something distinct.”

She added that the grilled cheese sandwiches cost $1 and are “freshly made on a skillet” by a household member.

Sophomore Kelly Chambers said she learned of the sale through “seeing the sign and smelling (the grilled cheese).”

She added, “It was perfect for me because I was going to get a meal exchange and since it’s Friday, we can’t have meat. So it worked out perfectly because I have a test today, so it’s a good thing to just grab before I need to study.”

In addition to serving grilled cheese sandwiches, Daughters of Jerusalem accept prayer requests, said Fleming.

The proceeds from the sales will be going to regular Daughters of Jerusalem household expenses, such as “household gear and … retreat money,” said Fleming.

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