Crossfit training at Franciscan offers more options to stay fit

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dsc 0132Franciscan University of Steubenville’s Finnegan Fieldhouse is home to a variety of different equipment, designed for various workouts, as well as a staff of skilled personal trainers—all hired to work with students in reaching their fitness goals. One of the great things about having variety like this is that students are able work with a trainer to learn a workout style they feel most comfortable with, and they feel yields the best results. For personal trainer Devon Smith, crossfit training is the way to go.

Smith is a junior at Franciscan and has been working here as a personal trainer since her freshman year. She has a lot of experience in crossfit workouts.

“I’ve been doing crossfit for myself since around sophomore-junior year of high school,” she said.

Smith was certified as a crossfit trainer by taking a course where she learned information on olympic lifting, lifting properly, how to formulate workouts, and nutrition. In addition to being professionally trained in crossfit, Smith’s father owns a gym that utilizes crossfit training.

“I talk to him a lot about like, ‘Oh what do you think about this workout, I don’t know what do you think?’ So we dialogue back and forth because it’s good to have someone to bounce ideas off of,” Smith said.

Smith is an advocate for variety training. Smith explained that the reason for incorporating so many workouts is because crossfit training is based on muscle confusion, which requires that you work all different areas of the body in various ways.

“If you keep your body guessing, then whatever you encounter in life you can tackle, because your body is prepared,” she said. “It’s very practical. A lot of the movements are things that you would need everyday life.”

The benefits of crossfit workouts are dependent upon your own level of input.

“The workouts are very much based on intensity,” Smith said. “So if you put that intensity in, you’re going to see a lot more benefit than if you don’t.”

One thing that Smith has found to help her clients keep this intensity up is to encourage them to view it as a sacrifice.

“At my classes we offer up the workouts,” Smith said. “Because it’s kind of intense and it’s pretty strenuous, it helps you to have that suffering aspect of, ‘it’s not just for me,’ it’s for someone else.”

Smith believes that keeping this prayerful, sacrificial mindset really helps motivate people to push through their workouts.

Experienced athlete or fitness beginner, crossfit is certainly a type of workout that can be utilized by everyone.

“Crossfit is great for getting in overall shape,” Smith said. “If you want to get strong and you want to build endurance, it will give you the tools and will give you the strength to be able handle anything physical in life. It gets you ready for everything, really.”

Smith’s hours for personal training are Mondays and Thursdays from 4-7 p.m., and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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