Veronica Novotny Assistant Editor Recently I have heard so many fellow students complain about “the regulations.” You already know what they are, and the biggest complaint pertains to masks. ClearlyContinue Reading

Edyta Headshot

Edyta Wolk Editor-in-Chief Welcome back to Franciscan, dear readers! I know it’ll be a couple of weeks before this issue hits the stands, but I’d still like to take thisContinue Reading

RACHEL MILLER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Well, lovely readers, this is not how we expected our semester to go. I am sad, frustrated, confused, angry, disappointed, uncertain. This is my last semester, and so much was left unfinished. I’mContinue Reading

RACHEL MILLER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Well dear reader, a lot has happened since the last time the Troubadour staff was putting together this print for you. Many constants have fallen out of myContinue Reading

RACHEL MILLER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF As many of you probably know by now, I am from the great state of Georgia, the heart of Coca-Cola country. If you go into certain restaurants near me and orderContinue Reading

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MAGGIE PAWSEY ASSISTANT EDITOR Who would you die for?  Your best friend? Your little sister? Father Nathan Malavolti?   Maybe it’s because I’m an angsty Gen Z kid with a morbid senseContinue Reading