Belize mission team goes ‘Back to High School’ with fundraiser dance

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Dancers traveled back to their high school days while dancing to hits from Justin Bieber and Rihanna, and enjoying tasty burritos from Chipotle
Photo by Theresa Baker

The Belize Mission team threw a dance Feb. 21 to fundraise for their upcoming evangelization trip over spring break.

The dance, advertised with a “Back to High School” theme, was hosted in the JC Williams Center and encouraged students to dress as their favorite high school stereotype- a jock, a goth, a nerd, etc.

Advertised as the “most happening dance of the semester,” the “Back to High School” dance certainly garnered much attention from the student body. Students crowded the Atrium and danced through the night to the music provided.

Uniquely, the event created a Facebook page for all invited guests that promoted the dance and the mission, but also provided inspirational outfit ideas by posting funny photos of members of the mission team themselves from when they were in high school. Photos included team members dressed in sports attire, Halloween costumes, and just hanging out with friends in the fashion style that was popular during their respective high school years.

“It was really fun!” said senior Mary-Kate Frommeyer. “I loved getting the opportunity to dress up like this.”

Frommeyer attended the event as a high school football fan, clad in jersey shorts and a t-shirt and enjoyed herself dancing with a group of friends.

The mission team added another twist to the usual fundraiser-dance mold by selling Chipotle burritos for $7 each as the event’s main food, which was a success with students who were present as well as those who were part of the Facebook page.  Some say that knowing Chipotle was available made their decision to attend the dance much easier.

The mission team also hosted a Prom King and Queen ceremony later in the evening.

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