Author: A. Montes

Impeachment inquiry: What we know so far

A. Montes

A. MONTES POLITICAL PAPIST COLUMN If you’ve looked at the news at all recently, you’ve probably seen something about the attempted impeachment of President Trump by some members of the Democratic party. When I first started researching, my main query was simply “why?” I donned…

The sins of socialism, part three: Robin Hood or just robbin’?

A. Montes

A. MONTES POLITICAL PAPIST COLUMNIST I grew up watching Disney’s anthropomorphic, animated “Robin Hood” movie, a pure, timeless classic. I used to imagine myself as one of Robin’s Merry Men, living in a beautiful forest, wearing a stylish leather jerkin and green tights and sneaking into Prince John’s palace to steal back money for the desperate poor. Oh, and practicing archery. What a life.   But…