Annual Household Olympic games ring in the 2013 school year

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img 0967The Household Olympics: they are an ecstatic combination of excited household members, university students and challenging events, ranging from tests of agility in the obstacle course to the challenge of aiming in archery. Promoting teamwork, cooperation and bonding within these groups of brothers and sisters in Christ is the main goal every year. The challenges presented to the competing households were both pleasant and unexpected surprises for the households.

The two winners of the competition, Brothers of the Eternal Song and Regina Angelorum, both agreed that the easiest event was tug of war, the physical test of strength and will between two opposing households. However well they had done in Tug of War, the Brothers were taken aback by the “Milking the Cow” challenge, where competitors had to fill a bucket with water by squeezing the cow’s ‘udders,’ represented by baby bottle tops.

“It was trickier than it looked,” said Sean Wayne, coordinator and captain of the male champions. “It wasn’t what we had expected.”

Their female peers, the Angels, struggled most with Trap Soccer but excelled in other challenges, such as the race – in which they took 2nd place – and archery, where one of the members released a winning shot.

“She just got a bull’s-eye out of nowhere,” said Lacy Rogers and Kristina Maggio, both members of Regina Angelorum.

No matter what happened, Rogers, in her first year as captain of a team mostly comprised of freshmen, ensured that the competition didn’t get out of hand.

“I just kept making sure that no one was getting too competitive,” Rogers said.

Maggio, an intent, confirmed this and added that her captain kept things positive.

“She was always shouting, ‘Is everyone still having fun?'” Maggio said.

This was Maggio’s second year participating in the Olympics with the Angels, and she has found the teamwork and cooperation to be an improvement.

“I knew more people, and it was good to meet new people,” Maggio said.

The Brothers also experienced a positive Household Olympics. Wayne commented that his brothers were particularly enthusiastic about getting into the games.

“Everyone wanted to participate,” Wayne said. “These two households truly capture the intention which was set up at the same time as the Household Olympics approximately fifteen years ago.”

The Rev. Bradley LePage, TOR, who is the Assistant Coordinator of Households also commented on the purpose of the yearly ritual.

“The Household Olympics encourage, in a healthy, spiritual competition, an opportunity for all members of the University to participate in fun and games … and a trophy is given to the best of the competition,” LePage said after claiming the Olympics to be second largest event at the Franciscan University of Steubenville campus every year.

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