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Tara Healy of Tara Fashion Consulting said that for as long as she can remember, she has loved fashion and the arts.

Through her consulting business, Healy is living out her dream “to work with fashion and style for women in some way.” Healy became a certified fashion consultant through Elegance in Style, a unique program that is person-based rather than product-based.

Healy said that in Elegance in Style, “The woman is valued and she is supported in her search for her own unique style in a way that upholds her beauty and immutable dignity as a human person. The program is also compatible with Christian principles. EIS gave me the tools and training I needed to help women become the best they can be on the outside as well as to help them meet their goals and needs for their futures.”

Healy emphasized the value of a successful style for women and explained her favorite part about being a fashion consultant.

“I deeply love and am passionate about working with each woman one-on-one in my consults by learning what her concerns, needs and goals are and then to walk with her in her journey into a successful style with a wardrobe that supports that style,” Healy said. “A successful style can help enhance and enrich her quality of life. Fashion is not a frivolous matter but should be taken seriously because what a woman wears sets a tone and gives certain connotations to the world around her. If she is looking her best, it helps her feel her best, giving her confidence and joy.

This can give a lasting impression to all she encounters. And looking her best can truly have a positive formative effect internally in her spirit. Successful style is one aspect or part of the goal of the person meant to reach their God-given potential. Fashion consulting is an avenue for me to use my passion and talents in fashion in order to serve women in helping them become the person they are called in to become.”

Healy offered some helpful tips for Franciscan students about to enter the world of professional internships and careers. First, students need to know themselves and the context they will be entering. Secondly, they need to check for appropriate attire in their given state of life or field of work. They should also remember that they can have more than one type of wardrobe – one for work and one for leisure. However, never mix the two types. The only case when this might be done safely is a “business-casual” type of wardrobe.

Lastly, they need to pay attention to what garments, colors and cuts do or do not flatter their person. These are their elements of style, which they would examine in more detail if they were to request a Fashion Consultation.

She also suggested a fashion consulting session and a visit to Career Services to receive free information about what makes a good interview and appropriate interview attire. Healy started Tara Fashion Consulting this year and has already helped some college student women with their wardrobes.

“I have been enriched at FUS as a former student so I am happy if I can give back and help the women going through their respective college degree programs, especially in preparation for their careers and lives after school,” she said. “Even if they are not able to currently buy the wardrobe now that they will need after college, they can still receive their own personalized portfolio that they can then take with them into the world wherever their careers and state of life take them. What is wonderful about receiving a fashion consultation is that it is timeless, an affordable option, fun and helpful in learning more about yourself and your needs. Any woman can be helped by such a process.”

Healy said the consultation takes roughly two hours.

Tara Healy will be speaking at Franciscan University in the near future about appropriate fashion for men and women as part of the Exc!te program. For more information about Fashion Consulting, visit or look her up on Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

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